Lawmaking should be: understandable.

accessible for all

Taskforce is an app designed to bridge the gap between organizations of people
and governments.

The US system of laws, regulations, and policies continues to grow in both size and complexity, and that's not changing anytime soon. Whether you're starting a business, growing and expanding into new markets, or advancing social justice reforms, everyone deserves to have a fair shot. That's why we've built Taskforce--to make improving our system of government easier and more efficient.

With guidance from a growing number of strategic thinkers in the legal and policymaking space, we've built a suite of tools designed to help organizations manage their public policy goals, risks, and opportunities.


The starting point of every advocacy campaign or new market product launch. Get a full picture of the legislative and regulatory risks and opportunities across 50 states and the federal level. 


Knowing when to dedicate resources to a policymaking goal is half the battle. Keep track of your direct competitors, larger sector, and the resources each are dedicating to their initiatives. Monitor key changes in state and federal law. Get alerts before anyone else.


When it's time to engage, the strength and experience of your team suddenly matters above all else. Tap into the Taskforce network of over 50,000 specialized experts. Make sure your money is spent wisely and your goals are set realistically.


Scaling up a 20-state strategy? Have existing resources in all 50 states? Keeping track of all activity on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis is essential to managing at scale yet exceedingly difficult. This is where our technology comes in. Learn more.

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