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Racial Justice State Legislative Tracker

In partnership with many social justice organizations and with heavy influence from the National Urban League, Taskforce.app created the Racial Justice State Legislative Tracker. This tool helps track legislation in all 50 states, encompassing nine overarching categories and 87 subcategories.

Each week our team reviews all new legislation and all legislation moving through legislatures to give an overview of trends we see and essential movements.


Actions Against Movements for Justice and Equality
Against bail reform
Against protests
Against Record Expungement
Against Parole Reform
Increasing Police Authority
Promoting Guns
Police Officer Bill of Rights Laws and Anti-Accountability Bills
Prohibits CRT, teaching about race
Stand Your Ground Bills

Addressing Discrimination
Access To Early Childhood Education
Addressing Discrimination Based on a Race
Addressing Health Disparities
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Housing and Real Estate Discrimination  
Race in Education/History
Recognizing Racial Injustice as a Public Health Crisis
Salary Parity
Religion, Hair, and Cultural Expression Discrimination

Cannabis Reform
Allowing possession of a certain amount
Community Funding
Eliminating Cannabis Drug Testing
Equality in Ownership
Record Expungement
Removing Cannabis Offenses from Background Checks

Criminal Justice Reform
Bail Reform
Limiting Immigration Consequences
General Background Checks Eliminated
Mandatory Minimums
Parole Reform
Pretrial Release and Supervision
Prisoner Bill of Rights
Record Expungement
Sentencing Disparities and Reform
Solitary Confinement
Unlawful Searches

Gun Violence Prevention
Background Check Loopholes
Ghost Guns
Limit gun position for those with warrants or domestic violence convictions
Magazine Limits 
Red Flag Bills
Waiting periods

Police Reform and Accountability
Anti-Discrimination Training
Community Policing and Alternatives to Policing
Creation of Civilian Oversight Boards
Data and Reporting Collection
Demilitarizing Police
Fair Discipline
Mental Health Response Teams
Misconduct Reporting and Discipline
Municipal Liability
National Decertification Index
Qualified Immunity
Police Brutality and Use of Force
Police Budget Reallocation
Police Training and Mental Health
Removing Police Officers from Schools

Voting Expansive Laws
Automatic Voting Registration
Creations of Independent Commission for Redistricting
Drive-Thru or Curbside Voting
Early Registration
Ensuring those in jail have access to a ballot
Expanding criteria for Voter IDs
Increasing Drop Box Locations
Increasing Early Voting Hours and/or Dates
Online tracking of absentee ballots
Online Voter Registration
Restoring voting rights
Same-Day Voting Registration
Vote by Mail expansion
Voting Protection Rights

Voting - Restrictive Laws
Aggressive Poll Watcher Provisions
Ballot Collection Restrictions
Election Audits
Increased Signature Scrutiny
Limiting Drop Boxes
Mail-in Voting Restrictions
No Outside Funding
Purging Voting Lists
Reducing Voting hours and/or dates
Reducing ways to register to vote
Separating State and Federal Elections
Specific Paper Requirements
Unlimited Voter Challenges
Voter Caging
Voter comfort restrictions
Voter ID Laws
Voter Suppression  or Punishment
Witness Requirements


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