Bipartisanship is still out there

April 17, 2023

Everyone is discussing how divided government is currently. From the fight over the debt ceiling in Congress to the expulsion of State Representatives in Tennessee, everywhere you look people are covering how everything is being done on a partisan basis. wanted to look at some areas with bipartisan measures.

Fentanyl/opioid measures: Currently there are a number of bills addressing the fentanyl/opioid crisis ranging from issues to decriminalize fentanyl testing strips (FL, TX) to increasing criminal penalties for the distribution/possession or trafficking of fentanyl (SC, CA, MN, NY, NV, OR).

Joseph Okpaku, Co-Founder, Forest Consulting

Homelessness measures: This is an issue that gets a lot of news coverage and a number of bipartisan bills aimed at reducing homelessness by focusing on tenant protections (WA), addressing mental health issues (CA), rental assistance/affordable housing grants (AZ), and create more shelters (OR).

Joseph Okpaku, Co-Founder, Forest Consulting

Cannabis: Although it’s still deemed illegal at the Federal level, cannabis legalization has made sweeping bipartisan progress at the state level in a relatively short period of time. From Oregon and Massachusetts to Montana and now Missouri, Blue and Red states alike have passed similar measures legalizing cannabis for recreational use, and at a minimum, medicinal. With many other states following suit—such as Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, and even South Carolina—it’s unlikely that the Federal illegality of cannabis will impede its momentum, as the industry has developed far too much for any conceivable administration to consider walking it back.

Perry K. Rosen, Private Investor at Lone Cypress, LLC

Data Privacy: We are seeing a number of bipartisan bills introduced in states including a Consumer Privacy Act (NC), Use of consumer data with civil penalties (TX), and Internet Privacy Bill (NV).

Erin Wiley, Director of Customer Success,

Erin Wiley

Director of Customer Success,

Erin is Director of Customer Success at and is dedicated to helping organizations get the most out of their GR. With over 15 years of experience in politics, project management, and client relations, she manages customer engagement and onboarding processes.  Prior to joining she handled the project and event management for a number of startups and Members of Congress. Born in Oklahoma, she is an active member of the University of Oklahoma Alumni Organization.