How BlueOcean Works

The research shows that clients want proactive service, offering solutions before problems arise. As a result, 82% of companies say they will hire the first firm that brings them a solution*.  Our aim is to make you the first solution!

We scan millions of data sources every day and send you the key insights on prospects, clients, competitors, and regulators, unique your practice area. We pull from over 250 different types of key data including legal, regulatory, legislative and more (types below). Armed with these insights, your team will capitalize on new business opportunities, cross sell more effectively and retain more current clients. 

Let us show you how we can make you their first solution!

* 202Works Customer Survey, 2019


Benefits to You  

Largest Network

We have built the internet's largest public affairs news network, with over 13M companies and over 15K data sources.

Actionable & Timely

Our timely insights and actionable news drive real business growth.  And we deliver the opportunities to your team first thing every day.

Customized to Your Needs

We customize the program to your specific business needs. Everything from legal, regulatory, legislative, corporate news and more.

Powerful Technology

We use powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence to mine the best opportunities and deliver them to you when they matter. 

Save Precious Time

Stop wasting hours of time researching. We save your team valuable time, allow them to focus on more important work. 

Your Own Personal Assistant

It's like having a personal assistant. We help you discover everything you need to know about new prospects and your current clients. 

The typical law firm only has about 23% of the potential business it could be receiving from a top client.

- BTI Consulting Group

Attorneys' biggest challenge is lack of time.

- 2018 Bloomberg Law Report

With over 250 insight areas, we will create a powerful client intelligence program for your practice. Here a few popular areas. Let us show you more!

  • Legal: new lawsuits, allegations, violations, class actions, settlements, investigations, appeals, patent disputes, raids and more
  • Regulatory: new guidance, rules or regulations, statements by regulators and more
  • Legislative: new legislations targeting company, congressional subpoenas, congressional testimony, appropriation wins or defeats
  • Personnel: leadership or board member changes, hires, promotions, departures and more
  • Reputational: investor disputes, labor strikes, discimination allegations, activist engagement, board investigations, potential merger and acquisition and more
  • White House: activity around presidential invites, dialogue, media mentions, negative targeting, and more  
  • Diversity & Inclusion: activity involving new programs, changes in programs, D&I hires, D&I initiatives and more